Introduction to Smart Home history

Since the dawn of time, people have been searching for new ways to make their everyday lives easier. However, the idea of an automated home didn’t become possible until the introduction of the electric power distribution in the early 1900s. After that a whole new array of appliances appeared, computer technology helped inventors think outside of the box and wireless connectivity truly shaped the smart home world we live in today.

How HomeLink Design started. . .

Wayne Derkach, Founder and CEO, began his electrical career in the mining industry working with PLC computer technology. His love for "Smart Automation" technology caused him to move into residential construction and start his own company in order to bring all the value and benefits of this incredibly helpful technology to the individual home owner. His dream of being"Solution Specialists"in the Okanagan drives his passion and truly believes every home can be smart whether its a newly built home or a renovation.