Smart Home
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Introduction to Services

We from HomeLink Design understand the complexity of todays digital age, the inconvenience of having to deal with many different systems and service providers. That's why we offer our clients a broad range of professional services that cover your Smart Home related needs out of one hand.

Programming support

Our products enables us to quickly and conveniently assist customers without the expense and hassle associated with the traditional service calls. HomeLink Design can remotely connect to a Control4 system via the Internet using its powerful Composer software and perform ongoing system personalization and support as if on site.

Remote monitoring, control and email alerts

Our products provide homeowners with peace of mind by enabling monitoring and control of devices and systems in the home from anywhere via a common Internet connection. Control4 home automation system can also send personalized email messages to any desired email address based on events within the home, providing homeowners with increased awareness.

Upcoming services

As we carefully observe future trends we are aware that services need to reach beyond the existing Smart Home solutions. Our consulting services help to make sure you are well prepared for tomorrow's smart home technology. Preparation and planning is what will save you costs and prevent you from investing in the wrong technologies.